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I have always been oriented towards things that were technical. As a child I was always interested in how things worked. I would open up everything I got my hands on to see that what was in it to see how it worked. In those years I didn't always get them back together, but it was in essence who I am.


My first real technical experience's came when I entered the military. I was in danger of being drafted during the Viet Nam era so I decided to enlist and sign up for some electronics job. I ended up working in secure communications and was assigned to Germany where I was part of Stratcom Europe.

It was there that I first became aware of my interest in photography. A friend of mine talked me into going to the rec room and helping him develop some black and white photographs he had taken. As I went through the process and placed that first exposed paper into the development solution and as the image first started to materialize before my eyes, it was like magic and I was hooked. My love affair with cameras was born on that evening.


After being discharged from the Army, I returned to my home in Augusta Ga and continued my education in electronics at Augusta Tech where I enrolled in an Electronics Technology course of study. While at Augusta Tech, I was approached by IBM to see if I qualified to work as one of their field repair reps. They called them CE's ( Customer Engineer ) and I was hired a short time later. A job that I loved and stayed with for eighteen years and worked on a wide variety of equipment ranging from Keypunch machines to Banking and Retail Store systems to the large water cooled computing systems. The whole time I worked for IBM, I continued to develop my interest in photography and started to do live events such as fashion shows, landscapes, live musical performances, weddings and the like. By the way I also ended up at one point teaching basic electronics for a while in the evenings at Augusta Tech. I also served as the audio tech for several local R&B bands during that time which was mostly on the weekends, but it was a lot of fun and I got to meet and work with a lot artists such as James Brown, Edwin Starr, The Staple Singers, The Floaters, ZZ Hill just to name a few.


IBM transferred me to Charlotte in 1989 where I served as a remote support rep for IBM's field service workforce where we assisted them in diagnosing their problems over the phone and sometimes even made field trips to directly assist them in resolving their technical issues in servicing IBM's customer equipment. My responsibilities later evolved to where I served as a Service Planning Representative where I was responsible for developing service strategies that supported IBM's field service workforce on Banking and Retail Store Systems. A position I held until my retirement in 2009. During this same period, my interest in photography continued and expanded into Audio recording techniques and also into video production. I studied audio recording techniques at Central Piedmont Community College and afterwards began a 3 1/3 year association with the Time/Warner public access television studio in Charlotte where I helped produce a myriad of public access programming including some live broadcasts, many many different religious oriented shows, a number of talk shows and some musically oriented programing. It was the musical shows I enjoyed the most. I later began to branch out on my own and started doing various photo and video events such as the usual weddings and musical audio and video capture and various sporting events. I am currently the official video and photo director for the Female Football team known as the Charlotte Queens. They are a professional women's football team and a member of the WPFL ( Womens Professional Football League ). This is what I plan to do for the remainder of my life.


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